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Simple curbside check-in for any business

Curb to Car was instrumental for us to pivot our service model to full take out. It's extremely simple, easy to use, and the team has been nothing short of extraordinary during this time. I highly recommend the software.

Hai Hospitality

Stevie Stanwyck
Director of Training at Hai Hospitality
Uchi / Uchiko / Uchibā / Loro

Covid-19 is forcing people to do curbside delivery to protect employees and customers.

We made so anyone who has anything they need to bring from inside a store, warehouse or restaurant can have a simple checkin and notification system for your items to be brought to your car.

Download Summary of How Curb-to-Car Can Help

Step One: Customer Check-In

Your customer pulls up to your location.

  • Sees a sign for a custom URL to check-in.
  • Uses phone to go to URL to check-in.
  • Gives name, make/model of car, & comments.
  • No customer log-in needed.

Step Two: Arrival Alert

Curb-to-Car app shows new arrival on screen.

  • You see all entered customer information.
  • Counter tracks how long ago they checked-in.
  • You see a queue and can clear them.
  • Keep up to date with all new arrivals.
Curb-to-Car application

"Our takeout just went through the roof because we started offering curbside delivery. By implementing Curb To Car as our curbside management software, we are able to organize the delivery of the orders in a very quick and easy manner. It's like hiring a fulltime employee to direct the traffic, quickly fulfill orders, and generate more business!"

-Ahmad Hodroj

President & CEO
Palm Palace Restaurant

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